Clackamas County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. My wife Suzanne and I have raised two children here. I also started my own automotive tuning business here 25 years ago. Over the past decade I have become more and more involved in local government and civic organizations. Serving on a variety of county, regional, and transportation committees has given me the experience Clackamas County needs.

We are in uncertain times in the economic and political landscape. I have successfully ran a business in Clackamas County for the last 25 years. I realize in tough times it is prudent to cut unnecessary spending and focus on essential services. Unfortunately, the County Commissioners are pursuing projects that will increase the county’s ballooning debt, and will not provide the critical transportation infrastructure for new industrial sites along Hwy 212 that businesses have been demanding for over 20 years. As a result, it will not produce the number of permanent, long term jobs our residents and families desperately need. After millions of stimulus dollars have been exhausted, and billions of dollars on mass transit, there is no notable of surge of lasting economic investment or jobs following the short term construction cycle. Despite some new jobs, we still have a 10,000 job deficit in Clackamas County. The basic responsibility of government is to provide essential services and infrastructure so home builders and businesses can invest, create jobs, and produce goods and services. Help me get our government back on track. I’m asking for your vote in May 2014 so we can improve our quality of life in Clackamas County.”